Compair® Flow Ducting systems for cooker hoods, an award winning domestic kitchen extraction system engineered to providing excellent performance over short or long duct runs, saving energy,  reducing noise and to clear unwanted cooking fumes in your kitchen.


  • Improved and Quieter kitchen extraction syestem
  • Unique vein technology within 90 degree bends
  • Less pressure loss
  • Needs less space than traditional off the shelf ducting
  • Can be used with short or long duct runs
  • Greater design freedom
  • Reduced stress and wear on the motor
  • Works with internal or external motors
  • Reduced power consumption
  • No back pressure from outside (with the installation of a Compair® Flow shutter)
  • No rattling from gusts of wind outside

How does it work?

Compair® Flow ducting is probably the most efficient domestic extraction system on the market. Its patented profile design and unique guide vane technology allows  the extracted air to flow more smoothly around corners. This reduces the amount of noise, turbulence, motor wear and power consumption without compromising on the quality of air extraction.

Why use Compair® Flow ducting

Less pressure loss

Pressure loss is 79% lower when you use The Compair® flow kitchen ducting system traditional ducting systems.

Quieter extraction than standard ducting

Compair® flow ducting, using integrated guide vane technology in 90 degree bends not only minimises pressure loss but also is quieter than standard extraction ducting. The decreased resistance also means  less wear and tear on the cooker hood motor so in all offers more efficient kitchen extraction.

Design freedom in planning and assembling your ducting

The Compair® flow ducting system is available in a rectangular 220x90mm profile with soft radii,  The ducting can be hidden away discreetly in smaller spaces such as ceiling voids, or neatly ‘boxed’ in  between cabinets and the ceiling because the external dimensions of the extraction ducting enable a closer fit to corners, saving on the space required.

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